Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is a response to a post on the Yahoo Videoblogging Group. The original post is below in red.

WOW Randolfe Wicker,

"Amanda was just a pretty face, a label on his product."

That is sexism if I ever did hear it. You are apparently extremely unaware of how Rocketboom was produced every day, so you shouldn't make ludicrous claims like you know what is going on. And if you take things you hear on DEMBOT as fact, I feel sorry for you.

Amanda was not just an actress as you claim, she was also writer and producer of the show. Amanda is extremely intelligent. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from one of the best schools in the country with a degree in Organizational Communications (business communications) and English literature. Just an actress? Without Amanda the writing alone would have been enough to kill the show in the first month.

Get real.

Andrew brought the tech info, Amanda brought the jokes. Now Amanda learned all the tech stuff and Andrew still can't tell jokes. I honestly hope he puts aside his pride and finds some writers to collaborate with.

"Enric did everyone a favor by posting the thirty-minute talk by Andrew Michael Baron in three segments."

Don't you recall Andrew lying about Amanda being on vacation? How about Andew's claim that Amanda ran off to Hollywood, lie #2. And have you seen the recent claims on DEMBOT, with all his percentages? Classy, Andrew. I directed at least 20% of all rocketboom episodes (casual fridays), not including the past 3 months when I also directed all the news shows (besides June 15th's show). 95%? Yeah right. And now you just believe what he says carte blanche? Ridiculous.

You talk about journalism, what about doing some research of your own.

Andrew's big mistake was believing that he was a much larger part of the show than he actually was. That's why the show is not up right now.

Best wishes, Andrew. You are a good person, who made some very big mistakes.


Andrew Michael Baron's big mistake was starting a news business with an actress instead of a journalist as a partner.
His second mistake was not sharing the podium with Amanda from the beginning. He is really the "creator" of the show, its brains and guts. Amanda was just a pretty face, a label on his product.
As a business model, RB shows the necessity of binding legal contracts between people working together. Everyone knows of Hollywood stars who signed 3-movie or 5-year contracts with studios "before" they became famous but were bound by them nonetheless.
However, "working together" really requires a certain shared empathy and interests between two people. Andrew points out that his relationship with Amanda was strictly business and they were not even close "socially". Hiring an aspiring actress to do a news show with you is like inviting a ballet dancer to go mountain climbing.
The major media consider RB to be "a fake news show" because it never really broke hard "new" news. It resembled Keith Oberman's "Countdown" show on MSNBC which is also "a fake news show" (when it parodies news stories) but which also has hard news stories/interviews.
Enric did everyone a favor by posting the thirty-minute talk by Andrew Michael Baron in three segments.
Randolfe (Randy) Wicker


Anonymous Drew Olanoff said...

Thank you for giving your view on this story. It will probably always be a he-said she-said game. Bottom line is Amanda will be fine and if Baron got his act straight, Rocketboom would be fine too. He REALLY screwed the pooch today.

9:07 PM  
Anonymous B. Y. Stander said...

Actually, I think the people who posted Andrew's talk did do us a favor, but then I also came away from it seeing Andrew as even more disingenuous. I appreciate your effort to be charitable but clear in a situation that has to be really difficult. People talk about Steve Jobs as having a "reality distortion field" and a hypersensitive ego. My guess is that Andrew is a bit like that, but the field hangs in a little closer to his person. Best wishes to you all.

12:01 AM  

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